Safe and Strong Israel

A signature priority of my service as a congressman will be to support the State of Israel as an ally, the sole democracy in an unstable region, and the home of the Jewish people.

Safe and Strong Israel

A signature priority of my service as a congressman will be to support the State of Israel as an ally, the sole democracy in an unstable region, and the home of the Jewish people. 

We, as a nation, must and will continue to: 

  • Commit to provide our annual $3.8 billion financial allocations to Israel and recognize it as both investment and moral obligation that it is; 
  • Fund the Iron Dome missile defense system including the cost of replenishing interceptors used during ongoing missile attacks by violent and deadly terrorist organizations;
  • Honor the 2016 Memorandum of Understanding relating to missile defense cooperation;
  • Oppose the BDS movement as an existential threat to the survival of Israel as a nation.

I support a two-state solution in Israel with the AIPAC caveat that a “Palestinian state can only exist if it exists in peace with Israel.” We cannot hope to achieve peace if one side is committed to driving the other into the sea if it were to achieve statehood. I believe the solution lies in establishing an independent, demilitarized Palestinian state with Israel retaining the ability to protect itself from those who act to destroy it. 

Iran. It is critical to both Israel and the United States (and the entire free world) that Iran be prevented from obtaining nuclear weapons capabilities. 

  • I applaud the speech by Senator Bob Menendez, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Iran’s continued efforts to achieve nuclear weapons capabilities.
  • I believe the answer lies not in the old agreement pursued in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that has already become moot, but for a new, far reaching agreement with Iran that is “longer and stronger” than the previous agreement, one that would have bipartisan support.
  • I believe it was a mistake to get into the JCPOA the way that we had and it was a mistake to get out of it the way that we did. The stakes are now higher and time is now shorter as Iran continues unfettered and unabated in developing its nuclear and missile capabilities. 
  • I support maximum sanctions directly and through our allies and strategic partners along with other creative regional solutions that are emerging through the negotiation process.
  • I support continued and ongoing discussions between the US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Israeli National Security Advisor Eyal Hulata through the US-Israel Consultative Group (SCG), and specifically their most recent discussions relating to containing Iran.

Amnesty International. I condemn Amnesty International’s libelous, inappropriate and incorrect accusations against Israel relating to the concept of apartheid. 

UN Commission of Inquiry on Israel. I believe the United Nations Human Rights Council should disband the COI as it unfairly and inappropriately targets Israel while it ignores Hamas and minimizes true human rights violators such as North Korea.

Space Exploration. I support Israel’s inclusion and participation in the Artemis Accords and international cooperation in space exploration. 

Abraham Accords Caucus. I will join the Abraham Accords Caucus.

Anti-Semitism Definition. I led the effort in Suffolk County to adopt the current IHRA definition of antisemitism that includes acknowleding that identifying Israel as a racist state or challenging Israel in ways that delegitimizes Israel by holding it to unique and impossible standards is, in fact, anti-semitic. This is not to say that criticizing Israel policy or actions is antisemitic, as doing so is fair political discourse, but doing so in a manner that diminishes Jews and Judaism by using Israel as the vehicle to do so is, in fact, antisemitic.