Kaiman Leads Conversation on Gun Violence Prevention

On Wednesday, Jon Kaiman was privileged to moderate a Gun Violence Prevention Panel at the “Yes We Can” Community Centerin New Cassel, addressing the rising gun violence epidemic within our communities. 

He was joined by over 50 neighbors from Westbury/New Cassel and a panel of experts that included Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison; Family and Children’s Association President and CEO, Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds; Pediatric Specialist, Dr. Eve Meltzer-Krief; and gun violence survivors Shenee Johnson and Rita Kestenbaum. 

As Supervisor of the Town of North Hempstead, Jon opened the “Yes We Can” Community Center in New Cassel. The center provides an opportunity to engage local youth in leadership and team-building activities. Many of these youth attended the Gun Violence Prevention Panel, voicing their concerns on an issue that greatly impacts their lives. It is important to recognize the effects of all forms of gun violence in our society. Those experiencing everyday gun violence often report feeling excluded from the conversation, as high-profile shootings command the nation’s attention.

As your next Congressman, Jon will fight to prioritize community and evidence-based solutions to gun violence and work to pass common sense gun reform measures; including:

  • Banning assault weapons
  • Restricting open carry
  • Closing gun show loopholes
  • Investing in community mental health support
  • Holding manufacturers responsible
  • Enforcing Red Flag Laws
  • Standing up to the gun lobby