By: Press Release

At a time when MTA talks about a bus redesign for Queens, it “discloses” an unconscionable service cut that particularly hurts the transit deserts of northeast Queens that lack any direct subway service.  This cut which essentially formalizes what MTA managers have long been doing means service delays and longer than expected wait times.  No legitimate reason exists for any “management decisions” that take buses and bus operators out of service. The MTA must immediately reverse this misguided and hurtful policy that means longer wait times because MTA’s bus divisions will not replace drivers who are out sick or when a bus is disabled.In fact, MTA must look to increase bus service.  I will continue to work with ATU which represents MTA bus operators and maintainers in Queens  and concerned community members to make the MTA introduce REAL bus public transit service improvements in Queens as the largest transit agency in the U.S. pursues a “re-design” of bus routes in Queens.  This means, I believe, enhancing service capacity by at least 50%; building renovated and new depots; buying new buses and hiring more bus operators and maintainers all so the MTA can actually put in service new buses. I remain concerned that the current MTA bus redesign does not speak to that imperative.

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