Statement from Jon Kaiman, Democratic Candidate, 3rd Congressional District, New York

“Thank you to all who supported my campaign. We came up short and that is always a difficult thing to bear. I believe in our Democratic process and respect the outcome. Congratulations to Robert Zimmerman, the Democratic nominee in the 3rd Congressional District. Robert Zimmerman has dedicated much of his life to the people, issues, policies and values of the Democratic Party. There is no shame in losing to a friend whom I trust and respect.

The issues in which we engaged during this campaign are real and the stakes are high. All of us must continue to be a champion, an advocate, a part of the solution. We must all find our way to giving our Party and our Country the best chance possible of coming through this period of turmoil and polarization with our Democracy intact and the rights, health, humanity and dignity of each of us fully protected under our laws and embedded in our Constitution.

Thank you to those who worked on my campaign, those who volunteered, those who donated and those who voted for me. Thank you to those who participated in the campaigns of my opponents as well, together we demonstrated how the practical application of our American values is achieved through participatory democracy.”